Jury Summons Printing

Simplify Your Summons Printing


All your team would have to do is create your County’s Jury pool and send it over to us in a PDF file, we will take care of the rest!


Once we have your PDF file, using Crystal Reports, we will design and print each summons, on your approved form, in black or white, or color if you like.

Using our folder and pressure sealing machine, we will apply the names and addresses of jurors, apply postage, seal and mail it out!


Our summons printing service will save your Clerks time, and your County will save money.

Your Jury Management Made Easy

Jurymark is a configurable jury management system that will accommodate courts of all sizes and jurisdictions, with full reporting including all of your required state reports.

The online access, text message notification, and kiosk check-in will free up your staff for other high impact activities.

  • Simplified jury imports

  • Full accounting functionality

  • Text and email notifications

  • Multiple check-in options including kiosk

  • Panel and Juror workspace

  • Meets all state reporting requirements